102 Beadlock | Machined


102 Beadlock | Machined

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call us price depends on size-The 102 Beadlock is the successor to our OG race wheel, the 101 Beadlock. With an improved spoke design the 102 Beadlock is 8% lighter than the 101. While it has managed to shed some lbs the 102 has increased its overall strength with increased radial, axial, and cornering load capacities. The most striking park of the wheel is the redesigned beadlock ring. This forged 6061-T6 aluminum ring is not only lighter than the 101 ring, but stiffer. This new design allows for less deflection and a tighter clamping force directly on the tire bead.

The 102 Beadlock is available in 17×9 with a 4.5″ backspace (-12mm offset), a raw machined finish, and Grade 8 Zinc-plated hardware.


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